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Maaike Siebenga Newsworthy

not too long and we can breakmorecore!

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L I N E – U P :
►► R O T A T O R [ FR ]
►► D R . B A S T A R D O [ UK ]
►► R U B Y M Y D E A R [ FR ]
►► T O R T H O R [ BE / NL ]
►► A L G O R I T H M I C [ UK ]
►► 1 4 1 [ NL ]

Maaike Siebenga

RETOX IV – breakmorecore – 20.06.15

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RETOV IV – BREAKMORECORE – 20.06.15 – Facebook Event


►► R O T A T O R ◄◄ [ FR ] PEACE OFF RECORDS’ head honcho and one of the true originals in breakcore. This second Frenchie on this editions line-up has released his music on labels as diverse as Broklyn Beats, Homicide, Damage and of course Peace Off. His latest release is the wonderful split & 7” with Ruby My Dear on Omega Warfare Records, coincidentally, Ruby My Dear is also playing RETOX IV. Get ready for Rotator‘s sonic onslaught of relentless beats somewhere between breakcore, jungle and hardcore. If this doesn’t spell BREAKMORECORE then we don’t know what does.

►► D R . B A S T A R D O ◄◄ [ UK ] Dr. Bastardo, hailing from Bristol, has been around for quite some time, he doesn’t play in Holland a lot these days, so we’re very happy to have him. A veteran on Peace Off records, one of his latest releases was a bastardization of FSOL’s ’’Papua New Guinea”, on a split 12″ with Stazma The Junglechrist who played at the previous edition of RETOX, on Our Fucking Jungle. He might really does BREAKMORECORE justice! Whatever he does, he will surely get your feet moving.

►► R U B Y M Y D E A R ◄◄ [ FR ] RETOX is bringing Ruby My Dear to Rotterdam. Hailing from Toulouse, he mastered the art of making complex and energetic breakcore through two full- lenght solo albums on Ad Noiseam and numerous EP’s on several other labels, extremely noteworthy is his recent output with ROTATOR and Igorrr. Bringing some French flair and melody into the breakcore genre , we’re very proud to put his organic and flowing music on stage at RETOX IV vs Varispeed.

►► T O R T H O R ◄◄ [ BE / NL ] Torthor is a collaboration of hypnoskull and Kubus. Hypnoskull is very well known in the industrial/breakcore scene and the enfant terrible of this scene. He, as well as RETOX doesnt like genres and he created TORTHOR with Kubus who is a beat creator for many famous Dutch HipHop acts such as Opgezwolle, Duvelduvel amongst many and is part of the Top Notch label. Torthor makes a perfect and unique performance combined by these 2 artists you wouldnt expect to collaborate, RETOX is a huge fan and they will have a lot of new stuff in store for us @ this party.

►► A L G O R I T H M I C ◄◄ [ UK ] Ben Wall, based in Bristol UK brings back the ragga jungle to this party! First time to play in Holland, and very happy to have him over and introduce him to you all. He has released on Our Fucking Jungle and Ninja Columborecords. Be ready for some serious breaks and oldschool jungle vibes from Algorithmic

rogierRETOX IV – breakmorecore – 20.06.15

RETOX V – ravemorecore – 14.11.15

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retoxV_poster_print – Facebook Event


►► F I E R C E _ R U L I N G _ D I V A ◄◄
FRD, also known as Flamman & Abraxas, also known as the Party Animals agreed to go back into the 90s for RETOX! Jeroen and Jeff created the techno/house label Lower East Side Records to release their own but also other quality talented producers. Much respect to them, and I never could end RETOX without them playing!

►►T H E _ D J _ P R O D U C E R ◄◄
For this edition of RETOX, Luke McMillan aka The DJ Producer is gonna fly the UK flag & go all out hardcore breakbeat – he’ll get up to about 165 so transition will be perfect! You might know him from parties such as Thunderdome, Glastonbury, Glade, Dominator, Hardshock and whatnot. Expect a DJ Producer set but in 90’s rave style – he’s looking forward, it is a RETOX party, so don’t expect the “usual” hardcore techno, but we let him play why he has started performing. A unique set you can not miss.

►► F R E Q U E N C Y ◄◄
Frequency – also a member of the Lower East Side family is more known nowadays as Orlando Voorn. He’s done many things but moved late 90s to Detroit US and joined forces with UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE amongst others. He also owns Nighttripper records and Nightvision Records.
He’s now back in Dutchieland and very very stoked he will play as Frequency for RETOX, as am I.

►► M E O W _ M E O W ◄◄
tom from the Netherlands is representing the evening with his crazy rave breaks, a young kitty cat that deserves more credit and what better way than to put him on this line-up? don’t be fooled by his cuteness because his tunes will make your head spin & the best advice to this is: JUST JUMP & GO ALONG WITH THE MEOW-NESS.

►► D E S I G N E R _ L O O P S ◄◄
A collaboration between Jeff Abraxas & Orlando Voorn (Fierce Ruling Diva & The Frequency). Created in 1991 on Lower East Side records. Advanced House for Purists was their only 12″ & RETOX feels very honoured that they will perform for the first time EVER @ this party. “You got to believe”, don’t miss it.

►► 1 4 1 ◄◄
Pascal, co-owner of RETOX has played every RETOX party before and will warm up the party as always. He’s active in the DJ scene for a long time but feels at home while playing at RETOX. He played lot’s of festivals abroad (Decibelio Madrid, Maschinenfest, Germany to name a few) and knows how to keep the crowd moving.

rogierRETOX V – ravemorecore – 14.11.15

RETOX III – 15.11.14

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everyone has their opinion about dubstep, what it was, what it is. THIS is what everybody should listen to. and it’s not only dubstep, he brings hip hop, metal and breakcore. Retox brings Frederic Garcia to teach you. One of the biggest names nowadays in the French electronic scene. He knows what a party is, you can not not move your body, even if it’s just a tiny bit when he’s playing. Heavy bass music which will take a hold of you.

Miike, what’s left to say? He performed at RETOX I and proud that he’s back for the 3rd edition! He’s a master in mashing up metal, breakcore, drum’n’bass and hardcore. Therefor he’s perfect to perform at RETOX. His last album Tank Alligator is highly recommended and he will for sure play some tracks from this album. You can’t leave the party without seeing this monster play.

Julien did the mastering for the first RETOX record. He is known for performing almost naked and playing with his knobs. He’s merging breakcore, gabba, jungle, amen breaks and dubs into one cohesive energetic liveshow. Coming from Lyon, France he has been playing since 2008 across Europe. Will you take your shirt off as well when this Frenchie destroys the dance floor?

Yann Faussurier has been a friend of RETOX for quite some while. Iszoloscope began in 1999 and since RETOX is about mixing all kinds of different electronic genres, I thought that Iszoloscope would fit right in with his harsh, rhythmic, noise and infused breaks. He is know for his exceptional standard in hybrid electronic music.

Apzolut from the Netherlands deserves more credit than he gets at this point. He and his brother (MC Goatzak) will perform at RETOX and blow you away with a sound that’s not explainable. Metal infused breakcore, might involve some grunting, headbanging is optional but.. with his appearance you will probably. It could also be that you will hear some Aruba influences where he grew up or disco or… etc. etc.

rogierRETOX III – 15.11.14


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There will be a new release in 2014 on RETOX featuring Bong-Ra’s side project Glowstyx. He will work together with The DJ Producer on this one. Check out RETOX’s soundcloud for a preview.
There will also be another party this year.

Meanwhile you can still buy the end.user RTX001 record physical & digital.
You can listen to the previews of the first RETOX record in the toxplayer.

Check the facebook page or this website for updates.



Aftermovie RETOX II

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Aftermovie from RETOX II with Subheim, Detritus, end.user, Needle Sharing (official) and Duran Duran Duran.


rogierAftermovie RETOX II