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141 aka Pascal Slootjes has a musical library in his brain.
The guy lives for music since he bought his first record when he was 10. Pascal saved his whole allowance (by washing cars & doing chores), to make sure he got the latest records every week. His first concert, at 11 years young were the Stray Cats. From there on his music addiction started growing. Especially Prince became a hero and a huge inspiration, from going to gigs – to secret after shows – fanzines  & collecting everything he could get his hands on.

When growing older eclecticism became the word. Buying everything he liked as long as it had a new sound,  which developed to electronica, rave, new wave, britpop/shoegaze, punk, classical, house, industrial, amen breaks, drum & bass and so on.

This eclecticism also brought a feeling of “not fitting in” with the mainstream crowd from an early age on, eventually though, he found his niche in the electronic music scene, which led to his involvement in the cenobytes party organisation & closing the infamous Maschinenfest (DE) festival for over a decade.

Making remixes of Nirvana, Gwen Stefani and 50ct made him known with the crowd. Contributing tracks for the Résistance Electronique videos – which were nominated for a Dutch VJ award, Pascal represents the exact mindset of RETOX – electronic music without boundaries.

141 played several parties as RETOX, Cenobytes, Ketacore, Mindfuck Mondays, Storm, LUVST, Blitz, Cyberia in the Netherlands.

– played at;
@ Decibelio Festival (ES)
@ Noxious Art festival (FR)
@ Maschinenfest (DE)
@ Audiotrauma (CZ)
@ Bassbeben (DE)

GIGS IN 2017/2018

09.02.18   –   AUDIOTRAUMA festival // prague, CZ
31.03.18   –   CLAUSTROPHOBIA // alphen a/d rijn, NL 
19.10.18    –   MASCHINENFEST // oberhausen, DE
04.11.17    –    AUDIO CONVULSION IV // the hague, NL

31.12.16    –  LUVST new years eve rave  // the hague, NL
03.02.17   – AUDIOTRAUMA festival   // prague, CZ
20.05.17   – AUDIO CONVULSION // the hague, NL
07.07.17    – RETOX // zurich, CH
20.10.17   –  CLAUSTROPHOBIA // leiden, NL 
04.11.17    –  AUDIO CONVULSION // the hague, NL
27.10.17    –  MASCHINENFEST  // oberhausen, DE



>> 141 @ RETOX IV
>> 141 @ KETACORE
>> 141 @ MASCHINENFEST 2009
>> 141 @ MASCHINENFEST 2011
>> 141 @ MASCHINENFEST 2012


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