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> RTX001
> RTX002 [compilation cd, 2 discs)
> Promomixes for RETOX parties
(The DJ Producer, Meow Meow, Goreshit, Rudi Ratte, Zeuge)



limited (200) hand – numbered 160 gr – PINK vinyl with download code (sold out)
digitally available via BANDCAMP.
The end.user – RETOX EP is the first record to be released on the label RETOX, which was created to release electronic music without boundaries.
This EP is a perfect example of that, it shows the known hard & agressive side of end.user (Lynn Standafer) as well as 2 remixes by end.user of tracks by Ritualz & Cvlts that are different but unmistakably end.user. Loulwa Beydoun made a videoclip for the End.user – RETOX song. See below.


compilation various artists (cd)

Will be finished in 2017. Friends of RETOX are contributing to this CD with new projects/sounds.
As you would suspect from RETOX – it’s everything combined, electronic music has no boundaries!
This will be released on 2 cd’s.
So very proud to have all of these talented people released @ RETOX.

Ulcerium (DE), Hitori Tori (CAN), Zeuge (DE), AMBASSADOR21 (BY), displacer (CAN), Niveau Zero (FR), Stazma The Junglechrist (FR), GORESHIT (UK), Submerged (USA), Hybrid System (USA), Trilt (NL), bonk (USA), Decollage Trax (USA), iszoloscope (CAN), Detritus (UK), Apzolut (NL), Diasiva [ monolog // mads lindgren + Swarm Intelligence (DE), Larvae (USA), Meow Meow (NL), Angina P (AT/USA), Mirra (RU), NLIC (USA), 2methylBulbe1ol (FR), MacheeeN Boi (UK) and Atek (USA)

The CDx2 will be mastered by Julien Stazma.

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