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currently RETOX is in the process of printing new shirts for you!
RETOX is, and always will be a non profit organisation, which means – no sponsors, no special deals, funds – it’s from your support & my own wallet.
therefore, things go slower then you’re probably used to… please bare with me :) you are not forgotten!

when the merch is printed, the money will go directly to the 2nd release (RTX002) which will be a double CD with so many talented and dear friends, this has been a process that we’ve been working on for years & as the slogan of RETOX says “electronic music without boundaries”, we asked every artist to do what ever they want! so you can expect some amazing tunes you wouldnt expect from them. That’s what makes this project …really meaningful.

A selection of the people that are supporting RETOX & contributing to RTX002:
displacer (CAN), Niveau Zero (FR), Stazma The Junglechrist (FR), GORESHIT (UK), Submerged (USA), Hybrid System (USA), Trilt (NL), Ruby My Dear (FR), Aaron Bonk (USA), iszoloscope (CAN), Detritus (UK), Apzolut (NL), Diasiva [ monolog // mads lindgren + Swarm Intelligence ] (DE), Larvae (USA), Meow Meow (NL), Angina  (AT/USA), Mirra+Fay (RU), NLIC (USA), 2methylBulbe1ol & DJ Skull Vomit (FR+BE), MacheeeN Boi &more.

have a good summer everyone! enjoy it & be safe.

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